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2016-12-14 12:41:38 by Bryna

-W and S key have been removed,
-Control key is no longer the speed up key, it has been changed to left or right shift
-The cat hovering should no longer happen
-Platforms should no longer get randomly stuck (however because Im not 100% sure what caused this on live it may still happen at times, let me know)
-adjusted some of the audio

give it a go and let me know if anything new pops up that you feel should be fixed.


thank you

My Game is now live!!

2016-12-09 12:29:59 by Bryna

Hello all, my game "That Cat Doe" is not live and free to play on the following sites.

it would mean a lot if you checked it out and gave feed back.

and its also on this site so make sure to check it out, thanks everyone!!

Hello, I am new to newgrounds and new to the video game design scene

2016-12-07 12:54:29 by Bryna

My name is Bryna and I am in school for Video game design. I am working on a game called "That Cat Doe" i is done and will be going live on friday at 12pm on this site and 2 others. 

Here is the video for it, it was a teaser I made last week, the level layout has slightly changed and so did the screen that tells the objective and what not .




Facebook that has the updated video:

Site links: 



and of course here.

Thank you